How to root Yu Yureka Plus Noob guide step by step

Here is the guide of rooting Yu Yureka Plus provided by the xda developer.So just follow below guide to root your Yu yureka plus running Cm12.1 .Thanks to Nakum for the assistance.
Ok guys, so Nakum succesfully managed to root the device and I was able to do so as well. The Procedure is similar to Yureka, except you use the latest TWRP version and the latest chainfire SU binary 2.46.

This method can be done using a Hot boot or by flashing. If you want to retain the original recovery, do it by hot boot. If you want a custom recovery, then flash it.


#How to Root Yu Yureka Plus

1) Enable Developer Option (Go to Settings-> About Phone -> Tap on Build number 7 times)
2) Go to Developer Option and disable Update Recovery
3) Enable Android Debugging

4) Install the 15-Second ADB driver file (
5) Download adb+fastboot zip (
6) Download Su binaries (
7) Copy to an SD card
8) Download TWRP (
9) Connect Phone to PC and navigate to the folder where you have abd+fastboot
10) Shift+right click -> Open command prompt

Type : adb devices

If your device is connected you will get it in connected devices

Type : adb reboot-bootloader

Your phone will restart into bootloader.

Type :  fastboot -i 0x1ebf oem device-info

If your bootloader is unlocked, it will say "True", else it will say "false". If it is False, then do the next step


Type : fastboot -i 0x1ebf oem unlock

WARNING : All your userdata will be GONE! Now you can root your phone in two ways
Method 1 : If you want to retain the Original Recovery - Hot boot


Type : fastboot -i 0x1ebf boot TWRP_V2.8.7.0_YUREKA.img

This will launch TWRP on your device. Navigate to where you saved the file. Flash it, wipe Cache, Reboot and you are rooted!
Method 2: If you want to flash Custom Recovery - Flash
►Type following command

 fastboot -i 0x1ebf flash recovery TWRP_V2.8.7.0_YUREKA.img

Your Cyanogen recovery will be replaced with TWRP. Then, unplug your device, hold volume up+down+power to boot into recovery, navigate to where you saved the file. Flash it, wipe Cache, Reboot and you are rooted!

Note :For those stuck in a bootloop! After flashing TWRP, go to Wipe and hit Format Data...then reboot to recovery (everything will be mounted by now) and flash the chainfire SU binaries. Reboot and everything should work fine. The phone may be stuck in the "Cyanogen" screen for a goot 5-10 mins before the apps start stay patient.
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third class mobile n service...

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Thank you for the root guide. It helped me a lot i follow the guide and easily done the root for my Yureka..
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